About Us

Destination Dining started out in 1991 as "Destination Southwest" - a concept created by Helen Collins. Helen needed something to help promote her husband Ben's restaurant, The County Line, which was located at the end of the tram in Albuquerque, NM. It quickly caught on, expanded to help other restaurants in the area and was renamed Destination Dining. The cities of Austin and San Antonio were added soon after that.

The business prospered and ownership changed hands for a period of time until it was finally purchased by Lee Knuth in 2005 and operations were moved to Southlake, TX. Mr. Knuth brings a strong marketing and sales background to the company with experience that includes both restaurant/entertainment operations management and classic consumer brand/product management. The result is a new and dynamic organization that maintains the successful Destination Dining philosophy: Tourists and travelers want a simple but elegant method to find great local cuisine, service, and atmosphere.

Destination Dining connects the travelers with great restaurants and entertainmet in specific cities in the SouthWest. To enhance the traveller's experience, Destination Dining offers a Gold Card that awards the traveler with a free "Chef's Surprise" for him/herself and everyone in their party at participating restaurants. The Destination Dining Gold Card can be obtained at the car rental agencies, at hotel concierge or registration desks or on this web site as a PDF.

Let the pleasurable dining experience begin! Click here to learn more about the Destination Dining Gold Cards and to download one for yourself.