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If you are interested in becoming a Distributor please fill out the form below. Hospitality people are preferred and we also prefer high traffic businesses like Hotel Concierge or Front Desk, Car Rental Agencies, Tour Companies, Real Estate Companies, Banks, etc. The more Gold Cards you hand out, the better your chances of earning Dinner For 2's. There is no cost to be a Distributor. Just put your name and location (place of business) on the Gold Cards we supply you (in the box marked "Referred By") and distribute the cards to people interested in fine eating and entertainment establishments. When they present the Gold Card at a participating location, they receive a "Complimentary Chef's Surprise" or "Complimentary Welcome Gift" (see Gold Card for specific offer and conditions) and we'll credit you one point for every person in the party. For every 50 points you earn, you receive a Dinner For 2 (Dining) or Play Award (Entertainment).*

* Review the Distributor Awards Program rules for terms and conditions regarding awards.

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